NUMBER ONE, safeguarding our families and community:  In addition to our normal patrol deputies, I will develop a specialized unit (Problem Oriented Policing Team) that will address specific issues affecting our quality of life. This team of officers will address specific criminal activity, such as narcotics, burglaries and theft, along with any other criminal activity that is above and beyond what a regular patrol deputy can accomplish on a daily shift. By combining forces with NCPD, GVPD, and local mental health and social services, we can maximize our funding and resources to help alleviate these problematic issues.


NEXT, is the protection of our children and schools: Our children are our community’s most valuable asset and the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office will do everything in our power to ensure their protection. This will be accomplished by adding additional school resource officers. These deputies will be more hands on, helping to provide educational programs to combat drugs, human trafficking and bullying. They will assist school administrators with their safety plans, help train staff and act as a liaison between law enforcement and the schools during major incidents.


Number THREE will be addressing the needs and concerns of rural residents and neighborhoods: Improved response times to the more remote areas of our community will be a priority. As previously mentioned, I will have a specialized unit in place to address the major issues affecting the quality of life in our community. This will help free up our patrol deputies and allow them to be more proactive in your neighborhoods, leading to faster response times. Deputies will be available to attend neighborhood watch groups and community meetings. My goal is to bring “community” back to community policing.


Number FOUR, I will look to expand technology to help protect the public and our officers: The most obvious area I will address is body-worn cameras for our deputies and correctional officers. The cameras not only protect our officers, but help to improve transparency with the community.


But, I don’t want to stop there. Most everybody has a cell phone and on every cell phone there are apps to help in everyday life. I want to expand that technology by using our cell phones to increase communication between our office and the citizens. These apps can be used to anonymously report crimes and would allow our children to communicate directly to the school resource officers regarding issues in the community or ask questions that otherwise may go unanswered.


Number FIVE, MAXIMIZING our funding to keep you safe: There is a common theme in my 5-point plan: MORE DEPUTIES. In order to keep Nevada County safe, we need more deputies on duty. I will work diligently with the Board of Supervisors and actively seek out untapped grant opportunities to boost funding to improve the services that this community deserves.